Jackdaws At Dusk

Jackdaws At Dusk

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The Finished Landscape Painting

This is the final painting for the Landscape project, which I think shows a wide variety of marks, tones and colours to make it an interesting painting of an interesting feature. The photo of the profile of the painting shows the amount of texture added both from old paint glued onto the canvas from an old palette plus fresh paint that was applied using card. It's funny how techniques from the Collage project have fed through into this project, because if I hadn't have experimented with techniques suggested by Mike Bernard then I would never have thought to paint using card for the rock face.

This bottom photo shows a work in progress where I wasn't happy with the colour of rocks as they were too yellow. Brightening the rock face using more white and Cerulean Blue has made such a difference to suggesting the form of the cliff.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Development of the Landscape Project

This is the painting at the moment shown alongside one of the photo's I took of the cliff-face. I'm not working from the photo's now I'm back home but am continuing to work from the sketches and studies that I did. I'm not aiming for photographic realism either, but just want to show how it's the essence of the rocks and their solidity that really drew me to this as a subject matter. The fact it's such a high horizon line and that the rock occupies most of the composition makes it an even more impressive feature.