Jackdaws At Dusk

Jackdaws At Dusk

Monday, 19 April 2010

Robert Perry, Contemporary Landscape Artist


Here is another artist to keep in mind for the "Landscape" project. He was mentioned in the OCA forum discussion on our "top five favourite artists". His name is Robert Perry and his website is "robertperry-artist.com. The site shows lots of images of his work but also photos of him working which are just as interesting. In the "methods and techniques" page it lists his techniques as using airbrushes and spray-guns as well as the traditional brushstrokes.

The photo I loved, and which really captured my interest, was of him sat on top of his van with his canvas proped up in front of him on some kind of rigging which he looks like he's made himself. Interesting stuff.

Iwan Gwyn Parry, Contemporary Welsh Artist


Just wanted to make a quick note, considering there's a "Landscape" project latter in the course, about an artist mentioned in the OCA forum, called Iwan Gwyn Parry. He's a contemporary Welsh artist who specialises in landscape. The images I saw were on the Artnet website which says his painting are watercolours, but you'd swear they were oils, because they are so thickly layered and dense. There are also oils and acrylic paintings too, and the use of paint with every one of these medias is so thick and textural. The range of tonal contrast is also very dramatic, and he sites Turner as one of his most important influences. He mentions Turner for including industrial images within the landscape, and Parry also follows that lead, which is interesting as it prevents the idolisation of the landscape, and turning it into something precious.

The watercolour painting on the first page from the link above is "The Menai Straits from High Above Rachub Hill" is interesting for it's shining use of blue in the top half of the painting. There is a contrasting shot of piercing orange light right in the centre slicing through the horizon, but everything else is kept to a dark tonal mass of brown and black, thereby intensifying the areas of light and colour.

My assessment feedback had positive comments for my landscape work, and suggests I "continue developing these first hand" so anything that can feed into this area has to be a good thing. I really loved painting outdoors for the final project for "Relating to Other Artists". I remember packing up my equipment feeling so excited, it was so liberating to be painting on such a big scale, in the fresh air and to make as much mess as I wanted.